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It is odd to rate the 'educational' value of this toy. It won't make your kid do calculus. But our baby started playing with this toy when he was about 12 weeks old. He was born 6 weeks premature, but because of his interest in this toy he developed two-handed play (an early developmental milestone) well ahead of time.

I could see that perhaps an older child might not find this engaging enough, but our son still enjoys playing with it and chewing on it now as a 7 month old.


The slim flexible bands make this much easier for early grasping than many things sold as rattles, which are too fat for young, small, clumsy hands to grasp.

The rattle sound is not so loud as to be deafening or obnoxious

It can be refrigerated for teething. Again, the slim rings fit into his small mouth so much better than many of the large bulky teethers. He has a teether that he cant yet grasp and manipulate for himself because it is so bulky. Plus, the many loops mean that there are different things to chew on no matter which way he turns it, there isn't just one "right" way to hold it.

The loops also make it convenient to take with you. We hook one strap of our stroller brace through a loop and he can merrily play with it while we walk without fear that it will fall onto the ground. We receive lots of funny comments about how it looks like he is "driving" his stroller by grasping the ball like a steering wheel.

Fun, engaging and helpful for developing two-handed play. Probably most appropriate as a toy for babies 3-5 months and as a teether for older children.

My baby girl loves this toy! She is six months old now and has enjoyed it ever since she could grab something. There are so many places to hold or grab it and its perfect to go into her mouth. She lights up when she sees it.The rattle is also very soft so she can hear it but it isn't annoying to every one else.

This review is from: Manhattan Toy Winkel (Toy)
My son is currently 4 months old, and this is currently his favorite toy. He loves to watch it, hold it, and chew on it with his gums.

This review is from: Manhattan Toy Winkel (Toy)
My daughter is teething and this is the best toy--not only can she pick it up from any angle, no matter how she holds it up to her mouth, she's able to get a loop to chew on. A drawback with other teethers is the baby has to hold it a certain way to chew properly and can end up frustrated. That's not a problem with this one. I wish I'd gotten one sooner!